• Aug 4th Monthly Satsang
    Available Packages:
    $20.00One-Day Workshop (2022-08-04)

    "Disciple of Our Own Self"

    At a time when we are gently dispersing, releasing into the Great Outdoors, we may believe that we will be leaving the rhythm of our steady practices. Perhaps we may not realize just how deeply entrenched within us these practices have become. Perhaps we have not fully noticed the extent of our dedication to the journey of Self-discovery in the great ashram called the World. Perhaps we've missed how much we see daily life as the Teacher in disguise and its challenges as tests of our mettle and commitment.

    Perhaps we can begin to notice how, and in what way, this process has become implanted, has become part of our unfolding. As these past two years have played out with much intensity, everywhere on the planet, perhaps we have not stopped to recognize that Love matters most beneath the highs and lows of times like this. Perhaps we can own the possibility of an ineluctable expanding growth hidden within us, under all the other roles we play, a taking on of the penultimate role, the role of disciple to our own Self.

    Let’s explore this together.

    Beginners to meditation are welcome, friends and family are welcome.

    Enjoy an evening of high energy with Rudrani, the WYC Director. This monthly program includes group meditation, chanting, yoga philosophy, spiritual teachings and an exploration of the theme of the month. All are welcome. No prior experience needed.

    Tuition: $20

    Assemble some props, such as cushions or firm blankets, to support your meditation posture. If you are new to meditation as a practice, there will be instruction to support you. We like to meditate by candle light so if you have a candle, have it nearby.